Body Firming Treatment

Healing Waters
Body Firming Treatment/Firming Lotion

Get a Body Wrap and end with this wonderful body lotion to
boost skin’s vitality be firm, be fit!

Artfully tone and transform while simultaneously fighting further aging with a pharmacist-formulated paring of marine extracts and active caffeine. Replenish skin’s top layer with nurturing, non-greasy borage oil and shea butter. Your body will thank you for the smooth appearance and silky feel. Look as young as you feel. Feel as young as you look. The Healing Waters® Collection is pharmacist formulated with cutting edge “Green” technology blending the finest naturally active ingredients to provide benefit driven results. Benefits: Firm and soften on a new level.

We also sell it retail for continued results!

100% VEGAN
Size: 12 fl. oz / 355 mL


Time for a visit!

Time for a visit!
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Are you ready for Spring time sandals?

Come in and get your skin in tip top shape for shorts and tank tops weather!

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Detoxifying Body Wraps

Detoxifying Body Wrap
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Detoxifying Body Wrap

Body wrap w/ Dry brush – Body is dry brushed for exfoliation and then clay is applied. You are wrapped in a cocoon for 20 minutes. The heat helps the clay to get into your pores and this helps in the detoxification cellulite reduction, body contouring,and possible inch loss process. Afterwards body firming contouring gel is applied.

This Treatment is $65


Here are the clays to choose from:


Antioxidants help to decrease cell destruction which in turn helps to combat the aging process and keeps skin more firm and youthful. Exceptional nutrients for the skin.

The Cryogenic Mask is an outstanding treatment with immediate results! Relax under the pleasant cooling sensation as the mask hardens and ingredients seep into the skin. A cooling algae-based mask for the face that rubberizes and peels off. Contains vitamins A and E as well as spirulina, which hydrates the skin and contributes to tissue regeneration. For all skin types especially sensitive or over-stimulated skin.

Indulge in a delectable vinotherapy treatment rich in age-fighting resveratrol found in our crushed grapeseeds & red wine extract. Let your skin drink in the potent benefits of the polyphenols, vitamins and antioxidants from luscious dark chocolate and green tea. Exotic Moroccan rhassoul detoxifies while humectant heavy honey replenishes you from head to toe.

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Tawnya Padilla
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Buy one Get one Free!

Buy one Get one Free!
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Purchase a luxurious organic foot bath

Luxurious foot bath- $35.00Luxurious and Detoxifying Foot Bath- Essential oils, Lavender Dead Sea salt, fresh rose petals, Lavender, and French white clay, Deep Steep candy mint foot polish to exfoliate feet and lower legs, cream to moisturize lower legs and feet, and revitalizing mist. Filing,shaping of nails,and pushing back cuticle. Also includes nail color.

Receive a FREE organic manicure!
Must use the same day.
Expires- April 17, 2014

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Or you can call me: (253) 952-6438
Tawnya Padilla

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Why Get Organic Pedicures?


I use all natural and organic products for all of my Spa treatments. What is the big deal you may ask? Well, first of all, your skin is your largest organ on your body.

“Your skin is your largest organ and a crucial part of several bodily functions. Not only is it the flexible, self-healing barrier that supports the immune system, but it’s also part of the integumentary system, the network of dead epidermal cells –hair, fingernails and toenails — that helps slough off cellular waste material. Sweat glands in the skin also play active roles in the excretory system, or the organs and glands that flush out toxins and excess minerals from the body.”


When I do foot bath treatments, I use the utmost highest quality ingredients.

  • Essential oils
  • Lavender Dead Sea salt
  • Fresh rose petals
  • Organic Lavender
  • French white clay
  • Deep Steep organic candy mint foot polish to exfoliate feet and lower legs
  • Deep Steep organic foot cream to moisturize lower legs and feet
  • Deep Steep organic Peppermint revitalizing mist

I also provide:

  • Clay organic Body Wraps
  • Organic Exfoliating Body Scrubs
  • Natural clay facials
  • Organic Manicures
  • And other services

All of my treatments are centered for wellness. Clay and Dead Sea Salt have  been used for thousands of years. I  want to help promote beauty from the inside out.

We are  located in the Theater District in Downtown Tacoma, WA. You can make an online appointment or call me.

Have you been Scammed- preyed upon?……

I recently taught an aromatherapy class at a local Traumatic Brain Injury support group. As a survivor, this has been a great platform for me to grow these past  few years as a business owner. The next day I was called by a lady who had been to the group the night before. She had said that she loved my presentation and that she would like to schedule a pedicure at my spa in Tacoma.
She then backpedaled and made up an excuse of losing 3-4 pounds before making the appointment. I told her that as  I remembered, she probably didn’t need to lose weight and that she looked great. She then went on to say that she wanted it as an incentive to reward herself with the pedicure.
After this nice lady asked me about my accident and experiences with recovery she told me that she does spa party’s too and that she is a licensed Cosmetologist as well. I thought this was great!
Then came the sales pitch…….
I ended up meeting with her yesterday. Went through the sales pitch gracefully. I gave her compliments that she was such a great and friendly salesperson and that she will be very successful. I told her that she had great marketing skills and that if she wanted to, she could work with me on my next spa party…..
She then, turned it around to me and was wanting me to purchase the product and then sell it to my clients….
Do you think she took my vulnerability and used it against me? Her products are not natural and organic like mine. I immediately began sneezing and coughing when she applied it on me. I did not like the smell and it made me feel yucky like other products with chemicals in them…The products claim to be 89% natural and paraben free. I read them, I disagree…
I really do like this woman and I respect her passion. I have my own passion too. I use and sell natural and organic products that retail for half of the price of her brand of products. I take great pride in the services that I do. I also take comfort in knowing that the products I use are guaranteed and “good for you”. I test all products on myself first before I use them on my clients. I also know how they are going to work before I use them on you as well.
I would like to say that I choose to sell Ethically and I love supporting my fellow entrepreneur by lifting each other up, referrals, and complimenting others. I like it when others do the same for me. I believe this is good business and supporting small business owners keep our city and State financially fit.
cindy of Garden Grove, CA on Feb. 16, 2014
Satisfaction Rating1/5

This company will rip you off. You will be told about being an agent and you purchase the kit and when you see what they charge your credit card acct. it’s more than what the price of the kit was. Hidden fees. You have no training. The products are sooo overpriced. The agents will promise you hundreds of dollars in sales. Trust me no matter how hard you try to sell these products you never will. I called the corporate office to send back my kit and did get info to send it back but was told it can’t be used or past 30 days. I had 5 days left to send back before my 30 days was up so I went to post office and paid to have it sent within 2 days. But what Seacret spa corporation customer service sent in an email to me said “no need to rush product back”, you know why they said this is because they did not want me to send back asap so they could make me keep the kit. Scammers!!!

Then when they credited my charge card they kept 149.00$. I called stating I sent a letter with the products and photographed each product showing no use and that I wanted every dime of 630$ back to my card. Seacret LLC cust svs rep said we keep 10% restocking fee and keep 49$ agent fee. I told her I’m not an agent give my money back. I called my charge card and said what a scam and what they did and I got the agent fee back but not the restocking fee. They will rip you off. This company should be watched by the Federal Trades Commissions office as a pyramid scam company. That’s what they are. Don’t ever trust them. You will be sorry!!!


I love my clients and customers! Thank you so much for your business!

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